New App Store section highlights apps updated for iPhone 6

iphone 6 apps

You may have noticed over the past 24 hours that a new section has appeared in the App Store entitled “Apps & Games for iPhone 6.” As you’d expect, the section is meant to highlight apps and games that have been updated for the larger displays on the two new iPhones.

There are likely thousands of apps that are compatible with the handsets, with many more to come. Apple rounded up about 65 of them, and we thought we’d share 10 of our favorites, so you know what apps we’ll be downloading when we get our new iPhones tomorrow.

If you want to check the rest of the section out, click here. If you’re looking for good deals on apps or games, check out our roundup of some of the new bundle packs. Remember, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus official launch in stores tomorrow morning at 8am local time. Stay tuned.