Beach wallpapers

Say Goodbye to Beach splash

Summer is coming to a close and with it our trips to the beach. An upcoming Apple media event always seems the marked end of summer. For people in the business of covering Apple products, annual cycles are built around the media event launch season. To celebrate summer’s end, there are four beach oriented wallpapers enclosed. If heading to the beach is no longer an option, at least enjoy the beauty of nature’s largest body of water from your phone.

From orange sunsets to the blue water, beach wallpapers have staggering color difference and clarity, if the photo is taken correctly. We have selected four great wallpapers. Enjoy the serenity.


The images today are found in a collection of wallpapers hosted by natuasi via imgur. The imgur gallery includes many other wallpaper tidbits and great customized Lock screen layouts for the modders out there.

Blue beach splash

Download: Left; Right

Beach Sunset splash

Download: Left; Right

iPhone 6

This week, as we move to iPhone 6 and iOS 8, the wallpaper community will take a hit. Like moving from iPhone 4s to iPhone 5, the new screen size will potentially cause a large gap in available wallpapers. Further causing issue will be the parallax effect. Of course the iPhone 6 screen will be larger with a set dimension, but the parallax-ready images will mostly like take some guessing work on the designers’ part.

All of this is to say, we may struggle to find iPhone 6 ready images. While it would be awesome to have a few up and ready, the reality is, there will be a gap in walls. Be vigilant out there! You can also be our eyes and ears. As new iPhone 6 resolution sizes or wallpapers start popping up, make sure to alert me via Twitter @jim_gresham. I will beginĀ using iPhone 6 wallpapers as soon as they are available and, of course, good quality. What does not make it to Wallpapers of the Week will be sent out on my timeline.

What have you heard about iPhone 6 wallpapers?