This app lets you track your kids Fitbit activity and reward them for reaching goals

Fitcubs 1

Sure, you are doing a great job of staying fit. You eat right, exercise everyday, and have all the latest gadgets from Fitbit to track your activities. But, what about your kids? Fitcubs is a tracking app that lets you monitor your children’s activity via Fitbit and lets you reward them for meeting goals. You don’t have to fight with your kids to get them to stay fit.

The app lets you register multiple Fitbit accounts so you can see the activities of all of your kids in one location. Simply enter the user information and grant permission for Fitcubs to see data for that account. The app monitors the activities of the user’s Fitbit data so you can see how your child is progressing with daily fitness goals. View calories burned, steps walked, and amount of light and moderate activities performed.

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Assign your little one a specific amount of exercise per day and offer rewards for completing goals. For example, require a minimum amount of minutes of moderate activity, like playing basketball or running laps, and then offer a reward, like one hour of video game time for completion. Rewards can be given daily, every three days, or weekly.

The app allows you to monitor your child’s fitness activities while you are away. So, if you are on vacation, or your kids are at summer camp, you can still keep track. Redeem their reward once they’ve completed a goal. You can even set an alarm to let you know when the reward time has been used up. For example, if your reward is one hour of video game play, you’ll know when the hour is up and can gently remind them that they can play again when they’ve completed the next goal.

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You can also view a weekly summary of your child’s activities to be sure they aren’t overdoing it on one day while vegging out another.

Of course, you’ll need to sign your kids up for a Fitbit account in order to import their data into the app. Since wearable health and fitness gadgets are all the rage these days, your kids have probably already talked you into outfitting them with a Fitbit. Now you can ensure they are actually using it.

Fitcubs is available for $4.99. Download it in the App Store today.