T-Mobile will double your data if you add a tablet to your smartphone plan

T-Mobile (double LTE data)

T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth-largest wireless provider, on Tuesday announced it’s doubling LTE data when you add a tablet to your smartphone plan.

Moreover, the firm said it’s increased the number of lines supported by its family plan accounts to ten.

These changes arrive just as the Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier yesterday unveiled a new $5 per month option quadrupling the amount of high-speed LTE data included in the Simple Starter plan from 512 megabytes to two gigabytes.

As the company explained in a pair of press releases here and here, doubling LTE data requires adding a tablet to your Simple Choice smartphone plan.

Available starting September 3, add “any tablet” to your postpaid Simple Choice smartphone plan for an additional $10 per month per device and T-Mobile will match the amount of smartphone data (up to five gigabytes a month) on the tablet side.

For instance, if you’re on a 5GB per month smartphone plan and you add a tablet for $10 per month, you’ll also get an additional five gigs of high-speed LTE data to use on that tablet.

So, instead of being forced to share data allotments across phones and tablets, T-Mobile instead matches your smartphone data on the tablet side, effectively doubling your data allowance.

Keep in mind that this is on top of the 200MB of free LTE data T-Mobile gives you every single month for the life of your tablet.

Here’s an example Simple Choice Plan with 5 gigs of LTE data.

T-Mobile (Simple Choice Plans with 5GB LTE data)

In another development, the carrier said that customers can now add up to ten lines to Family Plans at the same rate of $10 per line per month after the second subscriber.

Previously, Family Plans were limited to up to five lines. This change goes into effect tomorrow, Wednesday, August 27. Unlike competitors’ family plans that typically come with shared data, T-Mobile’s treat each person and device to a dedicated LTE bucket.

“With the Un-carrier, you always know how much LTE data you have available − and you never have to limit your usage or worry about being hit with domestic overages,” said the firm.

Lines on Simple Choice plans get unlimited talk, text and a dedicated bucket of LTE data starting at up to 1GB and each can be upgraded to Unlimited 4G LTE data for an additional $30 per line per month.

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