Stop typing so much: QuickBoard for iOS 8 will save text you’ve been typing over and over

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.48.11 PM

A new third-party keyboard called QuickBoard wants to stop you from drone-lessly typing out the same information over and over. These iPhones have tiny screens, after all!

Set to launch this fall with iOS 8’s new third-party keyboard support, QuickBoard has three separate keyboard entities, TextBoard, MeBoard, and LocationBoard, that allows you to store snippets of text instead of typing it out over and over again.

QuickBoard hopes to save you time from typing email signatures, billing addresses, location, and more. The app adds a QuickBoard button to the bottom left of the keyboard, that when pressed, brings up all of the text information you’ve saved to the app. In a video demo released for the app, it shows QuickBoard has a swipeable interface, and even a location button.

QuickBoard highlights exactly why it was a smart move for Apple to open third-party keyboard support within iOS 8 – a feature Android has had since its inception. We’ve been familiar with swipeable keyboards for sometime, like TouchPal and Swype, but QuickBoard offers a new take we haven’t seen before.

Kevin Wolkober is the developer behind the keyboard, and he tells MacRumors QuickBoard will be released shortly after iOS 8 officially launches in the fall. There’s still no word on pricing.

[QuickBoard via MacRumors]