Poll: would you buy a notebook, a tablet, a phone and a watch?

iPhone 6 (Martin Hajek 010)

We’re living in a multi-device world. Taking into account the never-ending stream of both existing form factors and new-category products, small wonder that the line is blurring.

I’m of course referring to ultra-thin notebooks, smartphones, tablets and wearables that perform functions of smartwatches, fitness trackers, health bands and what not.

But do we really need all this hardware in our lives? And even more to the point, can anyone in today’s multi-screen world safely do without owning all types of mobile gear?

That’s the question I’d like to pose in today’s poll. Assuming you have enough spare cash lying around somewhere, would buying a notebook, a tablet, a smartphone and a watch benefit your mobile computing, do you think?

Of course, Apple fans should interpret this poll as asking whether they’d be willing to spend their hard-earned cash on a MacBook, an iPad, an iPhone and a rumored iWatch.

If you’re outside the Apple fold, replace “a notebook, a tablet, a smartphone and a watch” with “a MacBook, an iPad, an iPhone and an iWatch” and you’ll be good.

Cast your vote below.

FYI, as evidenced by latest comScore data quoted by Fortune, most Americans do on their smartphones what they did on their computers.

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Feel free to argue with us and tell others how you voted, and why, by sharing your personal insights and experiences down in the comments.

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Concept renders courtesy of 3D artist Martin Hajek.