How to view the exact timestamp of a photo or video in Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular social network and photo/video sharing app available for iOS. If you’ve used Instagram at some point, you’ll know that it doesn’t show you the exact timestamp when an image or a video was posted. You will only get a preview of the less informative timestamp, which only displays the time passed since an image or a video was posted. InstaRealDate is a new jailbreak tweak that gets rid of this issue.

InstaRealDate displays the exact and more informative timestamp of a media including the date (day, month & year) and time that it was posted. To view the more informative timestamp, you have to tap on the time located in the top right corner of every image/video and it displays the exact time and date that it was shared such as “8/16/14, 12:30 PM”…

Upon installing the tweak, no additional settings are required to configure. It will be enabled by default and all you have to do is launch the Instagram app and you’re good to go. It’s quite a useful tweak as you no longer have to guess when an image or a video was posted. It also works perfectly with the latest version (6.0.7) of Instagram without any issues.

If you’re interested to get your hands on InstaRealDate, download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free.