Classic RPG ‘Dragon Quest IV’ lands in the App Store

dragon quest 2

Fans of the classic RPG ‘Dragon Quest IV’ will be happy to hear that Square Enix has delivered on its promise to launch an English version of the game. After spending several months in Japan, the title is now available in the US App Store.

For those unfamiliar with it, Dragon Quest IV was a popular turn-based RPG in the early 90’s. Square Enix promises that the port keeps the same core gameplay experience as the original, and a new control system optimized for mobile devices…

Here’s a brief overview of the game:

Dragon Quest IV differs from the rest of the series by breaking up the game into five distinct chapters, each of which focuses on a different protagonist or protagonists. The first four are told from the perspective of the Hero’s future companions and the fifth one, from the hero’s perspective, brings all the characters together as they start their journey to save the world

Exclusive to the mobile game is a sixth chapter, which takes place after the ending and allows players to explore a “challenging bonus dungeon.” Square Enix says that the game is good for over 40 hours of gameplay—no in-app purchases required.

dragon quest 3

And a few of the game’s top features:

  • Party Talk – Chat with your loyal companions any time you like during your adventure! They’ll tell you all kinds of interesting things, depending on where you are in the story, and what heroic feats you have accomplished!
  • 360-Degree Views – Rotate your viewpoint in towns and villages through a full 360 degrees to make sure you don’t miss a thing!
  • Wagon Quest! – Once you have the wagon, you can take a team of up to ten companions around with you on your adventure, and swap them in and out of your party at will!
  • AI Battles – Tired of giving orders? Your faithful companions can be instructed to fight automatically! Use the various tactics at your disposal to see off even the toughest enemies with ease!
  • The Casino – The old series favourite is back! Will you make a killing at the casino? Try your luck at three fantastic games: slot machines, poker and monster battles!

And finally, a video of the game in action:

This game is obviously for fans of the original, or gamers who appreciate an in-depth RPG title, and it’s priced as such. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can find ‘Dragon Quest IV’ (or Dargon Quest IV?) in the App Store for $14.99.