Wunderlist 3 releases, adding real-time sync, public lists and 60+ new features

Wunderlist 3 (teaser 001)

After previewing its major version 3.0 update earlier this month, 6Wunderkinder has now released the refreshed Wunderlist 3, the latest version of the popular cross-platform to-do, task and list management app.

With 60+ new features across iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Mac and on the web, Wunderlist 3 is a huge release for the Berlin, Germany-based company. Two standout new features deserve a mention: an all-new real-time syncing engine and public lists…

This is the new app icon.

The first thing you’ll notice about Wunderlist 3 is its all-new look, revamped from the ground up for maximum impact and minimal clutter.

All unnecessary visuals have been removed to create a design that still feels like Wunderlist, only simpler and lighter.

When you first get Wunderlist 3 in your hands, it will simply feel faster. We’ve designed a beautiful new interface to make every interaction more fluid and intuitive than ever before.

In fact, the new interface is the combined result of our design and engineering teams relentlessly improving every button, flow and animation.

This marks a new design direction for 6Wunderkinder that lets them scale Wunderlist to almost any sized device, now and into the future.

Check out Wunderlist’s new look below.

Wunderlist 3 (app icon, medium)

The app was designed to be “home to the world’s lists,” 6Wunderkinder founder and CEO Christian Reber said.

“People have all sorts of lists like movie lists, check lists, shopping lists and wish lists,” he told TechCrunch. “They create those lists in Wunderlist and collaborate with people on it.”

Wunderlist 3 (Public List 001)

Public lists in Wunderlist 3 make it easy create, discover and share lists with other users and the web at large. After your list is public, you can share it through social media with your friends and contacts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or get an embed code to use in blog posts.

Wunderlist 3 (iPad teaser 001)

Check out public lists in Wunderlist 3.

And another one.

Even better, the app can search for popular how-tos and other topics and save those lists to your own Wunderlist account, with a little help from a new ‘Add to Wunderlist’ button.

In addition to public lists and a thoroughly revamped appearance across all platforms, Wunderlist 3 introduces a much improved, lightweight and a lot faster syncing engine.

Wunderlist 3 (teaser 001)

Whereas previously the app could only refresh items every fifteen minutes, syncing now occurs in real-time so any change you make on one device instantly gets reflected on all your others. In turn, teams can now collaborate on lists in real-time.

Here’s real-time sync in action.

Just to be clear, the new engine syncs everything in real-time, be it lists, items, comments or updates. As a bonus, backend changes required by the new syncing engine now let Wunderlist developers build new features on a more regular basis, “like upcoming integrations with your favorite apps.”

Benedikt Lehnert, the company’s chief designer, said:

Everything you do in Wunderlist with your team or as an individual happens in real time. We compared a lot of services and there are only a handful that we see as being on the same level in terms of complexity and ability to scale and be super fast.

Last but not least, developers are planning on releasing a Wunderlist API to integrate with other productivity apps such as Dropbox, Evernote and many others.

Wunderlist’s user base now stands at over 8 million, by the way. Back in November, 6Wunderkinder received a $19 million Series B funding round led by the reputable investment firm Sequoia Capital.

Wunderlist 3 (Mac teaser 001)

To learn more about Wunderlist 3, check out the team’s blog post.

The app is currently being rolled so it may not show up in your local app store yet. Wunderlist is a free download from the App Store and Mac App Store.

You can also grab Wunderlist 3 for a platform of your choosing from 6Wunderkinder’s download page.

Wunderlist Pro subscriptions are available via In-App Purchases for those who need sophisticated features like comments to communicate with your teammates, access to Files and Assigning and more.