AgileBits shows off iOS 8 app extension feature for 1Password


The folks over at AgileBits are all over the new developer tools Apple introduced in iOS 8. Last month they previewed Touch ID support for their popular 1Password app, and today they posted a video showing off a new app extension feature.

Among the many new features announced for iOS 8 is one called app extensions, which allows developers to make some functions of their apps available in other apps via Share Sheets. And 1Password will take advantage of this in a big way…

Here’s the clip via AgileBits’ blog:

Throughout history, the greats have always sought a “holy grail.” The Dude really wanted that new rug. Indiana Jones searched for… well, the Holy Grail. Today, we’re happy to say we built our holy grail: automatic 1Password Logins right in iOS 8 apps.

The video embedded here, produced by our fearless co-founder Dave Teare, speaks for itself. Thanks to Apple’s incredible new developer features in iOS 8, third-party apps can let 1Password fill Logins without the user ever leaving the app. Yep, complete with Touch ID for unlocking the vault. Yep, it’s this awesome.

AgileBits also plans to take advantage of Touch ID support, another new addition in iOS 8. As you can see in the above video, users will be able to login into 1Password, as well as their apps and websites, by simply touching their Home buttons.

Again, since this version of 1Password relies on stuff introduced in iOS 8, it won’t be available until after it’s released to the public this fall. Developers, however, can find out how to integrate 1Password’s one-tap Logins into their own apps here.

For more information on 1Password, click here. You can find the current version of the app in the App Store for $17.99.