NPR launches new curated news radio app ‘NPR One’

npr 2

NPR launched a new mobile application today which aims to make news radio more tailored and accessible. It’s called NPR One, and it curates a mix of NPR radio segments and news articles based on your location and interests.

Now, this won’t replace NPR’s existing mobile apps, which allow you to listen to nationally syndicated programs and local programming.  But what it does do is provide a simple way to listen to relevant, public news radio streams…

Here’s more on the app from NPR’s blog:

Listen to the latest local, national and international news in a curated stream customized for you. With NPR One you’re in control: you can pause, skip or spend more time with the news and entertaining stories that you might have otherwise missed. NPR One remembers your history as you go, so you’ll never hear the same story twice. Search for shows and podcasts, review your listening history or look ahead at upcoming stories.

With NPR One there is a new way to listen to public radio, one that’s responsive to your tastes, your routines and your local interests. Open the app, and you’ll hear the best news and programming from NPR and your local public radio station. As you listen you can mark individual stories as ‘interesting’ so it can better tailor the content just for you. It blends NPR’s editorial judgment with your personal tastes and creates moments of discovery – things you didn’t even know you’d find, sent right to your smart phone or tablet. 

And here are a couple more screenshots:

npr 1

The app itself is very straightforward. Upon launching it you’ll be asked to login with an NPR, Facebook or Google+ account for tracking your listening habits. You’ll never hear duplicate content and you can search for popular shows.

I know that NPR programming isn’t for everyone, but unless you’re really not open to trying new things, I recommend checking out this app. It looks like it’s iPhone-exclusive for right now, and it’s available in the App Store for free.