Swatch says it doesn’t need Apple, will launch its smart watch next year

Swatch Touch

Some silly rumor made the rounds last week claiming Swatch was in talk with Apple to produce a line of iWatch devices. This was quickly denied by Swatch, who’s now saying it will bring its own smart watch/fitness tracker to market by next year.

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek recently told Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag (via Reuters) that the company will soon update its Swatch Touch line, which will be equipped with features appealing to athletes:

We will integrate fitness features in the Swatch Touch by 2015. The device will remain a watch, but it will include commonly used fitness features to monitor your body,” Hayek was quoted saying. He then added “We already have all the know-how, we do not need a partnership,” referring to the rumor of a partnership with Apple.

This seems to be a departure from Hayek’s doubts about smartwatches earlier this year.

[Thanks Marco]