Tim Cook and Apple show support at San Francisco Pride celebration

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Apple CEO and frontman Tim Cook took the streets on behalf of Apple to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride parade and celebration happening in San Francisco on Sunday.

Cook was seen in a snazzy Apple Pride t-shirt in a photo on Instagram user Daniel Soto’s profile. Cook’s company is one of the many corporate sponsors for the San Francisco Pride event that has taken place this weekend, and what better to have the CEO come and show support. 

Apple has never shied away from its pride support. As Bloomberg reported in February of last year, Apple publicly joined the slew of technology companies publicly in favor of the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. Following an important Supreme Court ruling in June 2013, Apple also gave a supporting statement.

Apple strongly supports marriage equality and we consider it a civil rights issue. We applaud the Supreme Court for its decisions today.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Robert Pompey, a senior vice president and co-chair of TD Bank’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Allies panel, spoke about the importance of having corporate sponsors at the event.

“Having corporate sponsors out there at the forefront and seeing them provides greater opportunity and visibility to get the message out that it’s OK to be gay.”

Where can we order one of those shirts?


[Bottom image via @daiwaka]