iPhone 6 manufacturing mockup shows off Space Grey finish

iPhone 6 mockup (Space Gray 003)

Earlier this morning, we showed you new photos of a meticulously designed iPad Air 2 dummy unit with Touch ID incorporated into its Home button.

And now, a fresh batch of purported iPhone 6 manufacturing mockups has surfaced, depicting what a Space Gray variant of Apple’s upcoming bigger and thinner iPhone model could look like.

Credited to sources in Japan and Korea, the images show the purported mockup next to an iPhone 5s and HTC’s One smartphone…

Published by Japanese publication ASCII.jp and Korean blog Seeko [via GforGames], the photos appear to depict a 4.7-inch variant of the iPhone 6 featuring a noticeably thinner appearance.

That round flash hole on the back never ceases to puzzle me.

iPhone 6 mockup (Space Gray 002)iPhone 6 mockup (Space Gray 001)

As you know, the iPhone 5s has a pill-shaped opening for Apple’s new Tru-Tone dual-LED flash. Now, I have a hard time believing they’ve switched back to a single-flash design out of the blue.

That being said, I think it’s fairly safe to speculate that Apple’s engineers have found a way to combine the two separate flashes into a single unit.

iPhone 6 mockup (Space Gray 004)

The round-shaped flash hole is consistent with previous leaks.

Pictured right below: a nice comparison between the 4.7-inch dummy unit, the four-inch iPhone 5s and the five-inch HTC One.

iPhone 6 mockup (Space Gray 005)

If Apple is indeed sticking to the existing dual-LED flash design, then either all of the leaks showing a round flash hole are inaccurate or represent an abandoned iPhone prototype.

Could Apple have been taking us all for a ride all this time?

I guess that’s a viable possibility given Tim Cook’s promise to double-down on secrecy and the fact that no one was expecting such a flurry of surprising WWDC announcements.

Rumors have it that the iPhone 6 could feature a 2K resolution Retina screen and have NFC and wireless charging, with a bigger 5.5-inch model possibly commanding a $100 premium.

With all these legitimate form factors being under consideration, Apple reckoned it should make developers’ life easier so it’s made a brand new Adaptive Display framework to give apps intelligence to respond to screen size changes properly.

September can’t come soon enough…