Skitch gains swipable design, better sharing, deeper Evernote integration and more

Skitch 3.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Evernote-owned Skitch is my favorite OS X/iOS annotation tool. It’s even impressed Apple enough to borrow some of its trademark features for Yosemite’s fancy new in-line attachment annotation tool.

If you use Skitch, there’s a new update in town packing in several improvements, alongside a refreshed design which lets you swipe between Skitch’s various tools easily.

You can download the new Skitch 3.2 for the iPhone and iPad free in the App Store..

Swiping left and right moves you seamlessly between Photo, Camera, Web, Maps, PDF, Drawing and other tools. I’ve been long waited for something like this because on the iPhone, tool icons and touch targets are tiny so swapping tools gets old real fast.

If you save your sketches to Evernote, Skitch will now allow you to choose a specific notebook to save the images to. Previously, all Skitch content would go into the Skitch notebook in Evernote.

Getting a share link is now as easy as saving an item to Evernote. For PDFs, sharing to Twitter or Facebook will first upload the file to Evernote in order to produce a share link that people can click and open a preview on the Evernote website.

Skitch 3.2 changelog:

• New swipable design for starting new Skitch markups
• Swipe between Photo, Camera, Web, Maps, PDF, Drawing, and more.
• Saving and Sharing from Evernote has gotten better! Now you can pick a notebook to save to or get a share link by saving and sharing from your account.
• Evernote related favorites will show the notebook name and an icon to make it easy to tell which ones save to a Notebook and which ones save & share.
• PDFs can be shared via social services. If you have an Evernote account and you try and share to Twitter or Facebook, then Skitch will automatically save the annotated PDF to Evernote and return a share link to use.
• Improved the toolbar when annotating images. Crop is easier to access, and the overall look is much nicer.
• Lots more tweaks and bug fixes.

Download Skitch for iOS and Skitch for Mac free in Apple’s app stores.

The iOS edition is universal and requires an iOS 7.0 or later device. The Mac edition is compatible with OS X 10.7.4 or later.