Google brings ‘Instant Buy’ feature to iOS devs

Google Instant Buy API (teaser 001)

Google is bringing the Instant Buy feature to iOS in the form of a public API, allowing app makers to write iPhone and iPad software that incorporates this handy Google Wallet checkout feature.

The Instant Buy API is available across iOS, Android and web platforms and can be integrated into mobile and web apps easily, the Internet giant said.

It works with existing payment processors, enables secure payments with 24/7 fraud monitoring and requires no fees so it’s a win-win for developers who want to sell goods through iOS apps and need a stable and secure platform to handle purchases…

As the image proves, implementing the Instant Buy API injects a new Buy With Google button into an iPhone or iPad app. Tapping the button immediately processes whatever purchase has been selected, using a person’s payment method defined in their Google Wallet account.

Google says that most merchants can finish the integration process in less than a week.

Launch partners who have already, or are integrating the Instant Buy feature include B&H, Eat24, Fancy, Wish, Sionic Mobile and Newegg.

“We are excited to open the Instant Buy iOS API and welcome more developers to sign up today,” noted the search monster.

If you’re an iOS developer, you can sign up for Instant Buy.