Safari gains new features in OS X Yosemite

Safari OS X Yosemite

Apple executive Craig Federighi today announced several improvements to its Safari web browser that are coming in OS X Yosemite, including an all-new Private Mode, improved tab view, expanded sharing options, faster JavaScript performance and Spotlight suggestion search in the address bar. Read ahead for a full rundown of the new features… 

Private Mode appears to function just as incognito mode does in Chrome, allowing you to open a private window that does not record your browsing history, cookies or have any affect on other windows open. Private Mode is accessible from the top menu bar, and the private windows have a noticeably different appearance so that you know you are privately browsing.

Safari also has a new tab view, with individual stacks on the homepage and smooth scrolling for tabs. Apple has also integrated Spotlight search into the Safari address bar, allowing you to preview articles and searches before clicking through to read an entire article or website. Just like Private Mode, this is another feature that brings Safari on level with Chrome.

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Those looking for a faster browsing experience will be happy to hear that Apple has made improvements to JavaScript, WebGL and other web standards in Safari. The web browser now has a four-tier LOVM-optimized JavaScript compiler that is up to 6.5 times faster and beats any other modern web browser. This allows for up to 2 hours longer battery life on a MacBook Air that is streaming 1080p HD video on Netflix.

Safari now has improved sharing options for RSS and webpages, accessible from a dedicated sharing menu. Users can subscribe to pages in a new feature called Share Links, or share over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messages, AirDrop or other services. Like in past versions of Safari, you can also add pages to your Reading List or email.

Stay tuned for additional coverage of Safari on OS X Yosemite.