iOS 7 adoption approaches 90% ahead of WWDC

ios 7 white iPhone ipad

With just a few days until the highly-anticipated WWDC keynote, where iOS 8 is expected to be unveiled, adoption of iOS 7 continues to rise. According to the latest statistics from Chitika Insights, relayed from PC Magazine, 89.7% of iPhones and 84.8% of iPads are running the latest software version. Those numbers are based on the millions of devices that accessed the Chitika ad network between May 22 and May 28 in the United States and Canada.

iOS 6 usage continues to decline, now accounting for 8.8% of iPhone web traffic and 7.9% of iPad web traffic. Less than two percent of iPhones are running iOS 5 or older software versions, at least those being used to access the Chitika ad network. Meanwhile, 5.6% of iPads are still running iOS 5 and 1.7% have iOS 4 or earlier… 

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Mobile analytics firm Mixpanel Trends, which does not provide separate usage numbers for the iPhone and iPad, has iOS 7 adoption sitting at approximately 92% as of May 31. iOS 6 usage sits at 6.85%, while 1.12% of devices are running older iOS versions. So whether you look at the Chitika Insights or Mixpanel Trends numbers, all signs point towards 9 in 10 iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 or later.

Apple has boasted strong adoption numbers for iOS software updates. As the company offers a unified hardware and software experience, there is much less fragmentation in the iOS ecosystem compared to Android. Apple has added the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display to its product lineup over the past year, however, so it will be interesting to see how fast iOS 8 is adopted.

WWDC commences on Monday in San Francisco with an opening keynote at 10:00 AM Pacific. Apple will be live streaming the event on its website, and we will be providing the latest news and coverage as the conference unfolds. In addition to iOS 8, Apple is expected to take the wraps off what is being called OS X Yosemite, and could have a few other surprises up its sleeve.

Which devices will you be updating to iOS 8?