OlloClip for iPad now available for pre-order

OlloClip for iPad

Accessory maker OlloClip recently announced that it will be releasing a 4-in-1 lens for iPad, and has now opened up pre-orders for $69.99 in black or white. OlloClip for iPad, which debuted at CES earlier this year, is a clip-on camera lens accessory that expands your photo capturing abilities with fisheye, wide angle and two macro modes. The lens has a sleek design and is engineered to slide on and off your iPad in just seconds, providing a versatile solution for anyone that takes photos or videos with the tablet… 

The tablet version of OlloClip is compatible with the iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display and iPad mini. Initial orders are expected to ship in the first week of June. OlloClip for iPad builds upon the highly successful iPhone and iPod touch version of the 4-in-1 lens, which launched over a year ago as a Kickstarter project. The accessory is sold at the Apple Store, Best Buy, Target and several other resellers across Canada and the United States.

I have personally tested OlloClip for iPhone and walked away impressed. The different lens options allow you to get more creative with your iPhone or iPad photo-taking ability, allowing even novice users to take some pretty interesting photos. The fisheye lens captures an approximately 180º field of view, the wide-angle lens almost doubles the standard field of view, and macro modes are great for up close shots.

What are your favorite camera accessories for iOS devices?