Reeder 2 beta for Mac updated with new features and fixes

Reeder 2 beta 2

The Reeder 2 beta for Mac, which was just recently released after an extended wait, has received its first update. Reader 2.0 b2 includes new features like OPML import and export ability, new article viewer style options, and the ability to open links in the default Mac browser.

There’s also a couple of fixes included with beta 2, including the ability to utilize the integrated GPU on the MacBookPro, and support for fullscreen HTML 5 video content. Check inside for the full change log.

What’s new:
– Handle feed (subscribe) links from external apps and in-app browser
– Import from OPML (local/standalone RSS only)
– Export to OPML
– View with Readability

New settings / Preferences:
– Reading: Article viewer style options
– Reading: Open links in default browser instead of in-app browser
– Appearance: Disable favicons for subscriptions/article list

– Allow Reeder to utilize the integrated GPU (MacBook Pro)
– Fullscreen for HTML5 videos should work now

I have to say that the new style options are welcomed addition to the beta. I’ve been using it since it launched, and it’s been difficult not being able to adjust the view styles or open articles in my default browser.

You can download the Reeder 2 beta directly from its website located here. For more details on the beta, check out our previous post about the initial beta version.

Are you a current Reeder user? What do you think about the beta thus far?