Ubisoft’s upcoming social racing title, Trials Frontier, arriving April 10

Trials Frontier (screenshot 001)

Ubisoft yesterday announced that it will be releasing a brand new iOS game, Trials Frontier, on April 10.

Trials Frontier is being billed as a social racing title with physics-based gameplay, featuring a compelling storyline, friendly competition and “a massive content stream.”

The game will release for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and you can trust us to keep you in the loop.

In the meantime, jump past the fold and check out a nice gameplay video and learn more about this promising looking title…

According to Ubisoft, Trials Frontier fits in Ubisoft’s existing Trials franchise on desktop and consoles, such as Trials Fusion which is heading to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on April 16 as a digital download for $19.99.

In fact, Trials Frontier will let you unlock bonus rider gear when you connect the game to the upcoming Trials Fusion.

Check out the Trials Frontier trailer below.

Ubisoft explains:

Just like any other Trials game, Frontier is jam-packed with over-the-top tricks and an astounding assortment of crazy characters and spectacular settings. This time around, players will unlock isolated villages in a futuristic Wild West-like setting.

Trials Frontier is due onĀ iOS devices on April 10, 2014 as a free-to-play download. The game will also be releasing on Android devices at a later date, Ubi said.

From the blurb:

Explore a vast world on your motorcycle. Compete against your friends on Global Leaderboards. Master physics-based tracks to challenge the world’s top riders for the best times. Race your motorcycle through a world of adventure, crazy characters, and unfairly addictive tracks.

And two more videos.

Some of the key features include the following:

  • Ride
    • Master challenging physics-based gameplay that just feels right. Accept no substitutes – Trials Frontier is the only real Trials game for mobile!
    • Diverse missions including collection, tricks, stunts, performance, and time
  • Explore
    • Help your village grow and prosper
    • Huge world with more than 50 hours of gameplay
    • Discover colorful characters and a quirky storyline
    • Speed through a bright and beautiful world full of deserts, cities, and mountains
    • Complete and flip your way through more than 200 challenging missions!
    • Compete on more than 45 unique tracks!
  • Upgrade
    • Level up your rider to gain additional meta-game advantages and unlocks
    • Earn parts and cash in missions to upgrade one of nine bikes in the workshop
    • Extensive crafting and fusing system for earning new bikes
    • 6 bikes across 2 tiers, each with their own upgrade paths
    • 240 separate bike upgrades
  • Compete
    • Make your mark on the global Leaderboards
    • Race the ghost of any player head-to-head
    • Invite and challenge your Facebook friends and make the competition personal!
  • And more
    • We’re committed to Trials Frontier for the long haul and have a robust content roadmap with many more free updates to come.

By the way, the game soft-launched in a few countries last year, including Canada.

To learn more, visit the official game website.