How to add a battery level indicator to the status bar


BatteryStatusBar is a recently released tweak that allows you to add a battery indicator to the top of the iPhone’s screen. The indicator, which rests in the same location as the status bar, reflects your current battery status using a colored bar.

The color of the BatteryStatusBar changes depending on your battery level. A green bar means you have over 65% of battery life remaining, and the color changes to orange or red as the battery level decreases. BatteryStatusBar isn’t perfect, but it’s a different take on battery level awareness. Have a look at our full walkthrough inside for more details.

Once BatteryStatusBar is installed, you may have to reboot your device to see the tweak. I had quite a few problems getting the tweak to work on my iPhone 5s, but a full reboot solved the issue.

BatteryStatusBar 3

You’ll find a preference panel for the tweak inside of the stock Settings app. Inside its preferences, you’ll see a kill switch along with an option to enable a thinner status bar.

BatteryStatusBar 2

In my opinion the thinner status bar looks much better than the wide status bar. The wide status bar interferes with app badge icons for apps that appear on the top row of the Home screen.

In my testing with BatteryStatusBar, I found it to be erratic and and times completely inaccurate when it came to reporting battery life. It’s the type of tweak that will seriously benefit from some iterative release refinements.

You can find BatteryStatusBar for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. At this point in the game, I’d recommend waiting for a few updates to appear before spending any coin on this tweak. What do you think?