Apple has reportedly put its ‘iPad Pro’ project on hold


Folks looking forward to Apple’s rumored 13-inch tablet may want to pick something else to pine over for a while. According to a new report, the Cupertino company has shelved its so-called ‘iPad Pro’ project due to various developmental issues.

Citing supply chain and channel inventory sources, Digitimes is reporting today that multiple vendors are running into problems producing larger tablets. The biggest hurdle seems to be a lack of support from platform developers and ecosystems…

Here’s the relative excerpt from Digitimes’ report:

“Brand vendors have started showing interests in large-size tablets since early 2014. In addition to Apple’s rumored 12.85-inch tablet, Samsung Electronics has already launched a 12.2-inch Android-based enterprise tablet, while Asustek Computer is planning to release a 13.3-inch dual-OS tablet.

However, most of the large-size tablet projects face difficulties because of lack of support from related platform developers and ecosystems. Apple has also been said to shelved its large-size tablet project.”

Following iPad Pro rumors, Samsung was able to get its own 12.2-inch tablet to market, but it has yet to gain any kind of notable traction. In fact, Digitimes estimates that the Korean tech giant will sell less than 1 million units of the larger slate this year.


As for Apple, the report doesn’t say whether or not its shelving of the experimental iPad is temporary or long-term. But given that the tablet wasn’t expected to launch until sometime next year in the first place, we’ll likely be waiting a while regardless.

Rumors that Apple’ larger iPad first surfaced last summer and have appeared consistently since. We’ve always wondered what kind of resolution its display would have, and how iOS apps would handle it, and apparently Apple doesn’t have an answer yet.

Concept images via MacRumors