Logitech launches Harmony Smart Keyboard for Apple TV

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard for Apple TV (image 001)

Navigating the Apple TV interface using the included Apple Remote rather quickly becomes a cumbersome affair. Fortunately, you could always hook up an external keyboard to the device (here’s how) because the Apple TV supports Bluetooth keyboards.

Realizing that owners of streaming-media devices need a better control system, accessory maker Logitech on Tuesday revealed its new full-fledged Harmony keyboard remote for the living room. It was specially designed for controlling devices such as the Apple TV, Roku and Xbox One and includes dedicated hardware keys and functions allowing you to search for shows, navigate menus and browse the web from your couch…

Logitech says the new Harmony Smart Keyboard works with more than 225,000 devices from 5,000+ brands. It can work with up to eight devices and includes a companion Harmony Hub hardware that turns signals from the keyboard or your smartphone into commands your entertainment devices understand.

“Both the keyboard and the Harmony app work without pointing, so you don’t have to worry about closed cabinets getting in the way of your signal,” writes the firm.

The only thing missing: backlight.

As with other Harmony remotes, this Smart Keyboard features an Activity button which allows you to turn on the right entertainment devices and automatically switch each one to the right settings and inputs. There’s also an Internet-based setup and integrated DVR and set-top box controls to go along with dedicated playback and volume buttons.

The keyboard + remote combo retails for a rather steep $149.99 and is available to pre-order now (free shipping included) through the Logitech website.