CallShare: create notes, calendar events and more during phone calls


Have you ever wanted to quickly create a note as you engaged in a phone conversation, or perhaps setup a calendar event right there mid-call? CallShare is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to do that and more.

Available for download from Cydia’s ModMyi repo, CallShare lets you create new messages, emails, calendar events, notes and reminders directly from the stock Phone app. To see how CallShare works in action, please watch our video walkthrough that appears after the break.

Once you install CallShare, there is a preference panel for the tweak available in the stock Settings. I noticed that not all of the preference sections seemed to be populated with information—Reminders and Events were the two perpetrators—but some of the settings available were valid and did make a difference on the tweak’s usability.

In the Overall section of CallShare’s preferences, you’ll find an option to auto trigger the iOS keyboard upon invoking CallShare. This is an option that I recommend enabling, since most of the time at least, you’ll be typing some information when opening up a new note or a reminder.

CallShare 02

To invoke CallShare, start a phone call and tap on the contact’s name or phone number near the top of the Phone app interface. This will bring up a sheet from the bottom of the screen with the CallShare buttons. Tapping any of the available CallShare buttons will cause a specific section to be displayed right on top of the Phone app interface. You can then do things like send messages, type notes, and setup events—all while a caller is on the line, and without leaving the Phone app.

CallShare is a decent tweak; its options are a bit peculiar and the idea doesn’t exactly add tons of additional usability to the basic Phone app experience, but I could see some jailbreakers finding the tweak useful. You can, obviously, do all of things that CallShare does without a tweak—you’d just need to exit the Phone app in order to do so.

I’m not convinced that many will find CallShare useful enough to justify forking over $0.99 for the privilege of using its features, but I could be wrong. CallShare places five app shortcuts directly within grasp, essentially allowing you to multitask while you talk. Sound off below with your thoughts on the matter.