Introducing Moov multi-sport fitness tracker, your new personal trainer

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Time to meet your new coach. Introducing the Moov, a new wearable device conceived by a three-person startup led by a former Apple engineer. Not only does it track your activities, it gives you personalized tips to improve your workout performance.

The brainchild of Nikola Hu, a smart engineer who used to work at Apple, and his colleagues, the Moov is packed with nine-axis sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.

Thanks to the data gathered by these sensors and clever programming, the Moov can sense both motion and 3D form to improve your performance.

The biggest selling point of the Moov is its software which can provide real-time audio advice and feedback. It uses 3d motion reconstruction technology to analyze and distinguish between a bunch of activities like running, biking, swimming and weight lifting, to mention just a few.

And if you’re into boxing, the Moov does that, too – it’s even capable of measuring your power and form, giving you a report card at the end of each session detailing how many calories you burned, your progress against previous workouts and what not.

It gets even better: because each tracked activity is an app of its own, such a modular system allows developer to easily introduce support for new activities via firmware updates and new app releases…

At debut, the device will support five activities – running, weight lifting, boxing, swimming and biking – with more to come at a later stage. For those wondering, yoga and golf are first on their list.

Check out the video below showcasing boxing training with the Moov.

Because it supports a variety of activities, including boxing and swimming, the Moov is of course waterproof and can be worn in various locations on your body for specialized tracking, like your wrist and ankle, for example.

Moov provides a two-fold benefit: firstly, to enable users to maximize their workouts, and secondly, to prevent injuries by providing real-time coaching based on a complex analysis of your body’s position while you are exercising.

Coaching tips and programs are created by certified coaches and based on biomechanics and sport science research. As for real-time coaching, interaction and voice feedback, this is powered by artificial intelligence akin to Siri.

And your promo clip.

The company says the Moov one-ups the existing fitness trackers in the market today by turning your data into actionable insights.

“Moov operates like a virtual coach – it ‘sees’ your motion and systematically ‘tells’ you how to correct your form,” the description reads.

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The Verge noted that the startup is already working with third-party developers to build “everything from air-drumming games to even more detailed workout plans.”

“I’ve only spent an hour watching Moov work, but if the finished product delivers on the promise of the prototype and the precision of the data, step-counting fitness trackers are about to seem woefully underpowered,” opined The Verge’s David Pierce.

You can pre-order your Moov now at the official website for $59.95, a fifty percent discount versus its retail price of $120. Standard package includes your Moov with the charger, a wrist band and one ankle band.

The accessory will be available this summer.

Isn’t this one of the fitness fitness wearable devices to date?