Samsung introduces new ‘Gear Fit’ fitness tracker

gear fit 2

As Apple and Google prepare their entries into the rising wearables space, Samsung introduced 3 new products into its already-seasoned line of smartwatches at Mobile World Congress this week. There’s the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo, and now we have the Gear Fit.

We’ve already seen the 2 new Gear watches—they’re very similar to their predecessor in that they look, well, like watches. The Gear Fit, however, unveiled yesterday alongside the Galaxy S5, looks more like a cross between a smartwatch and a Fitbit Force fitness band…

gear fit 1

The first thing you’ll notice about Samsung’s Gear Fit is that its design is dominated by a 1+ inch curved AMOLED touchscreen. This is the first wearable we’ve seen with a curved display like this, and it’s extremely bright, vibrant and makes it really easy to read things.

And what kinds of things will you be reading? Well the Fit doesn’t have the camera, microphone or speaker of the Gear 2, but it can still handle all of your smartphone’s notifications. So in addition to tracking your physical activity, it will also alert you for calls, texts, etc.

Like the new Galaxy S5, the band is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, so it should handle sweat and your post-workout shower without issue. Also like the S5, the Fit features a built-in heart monitor that measures in real-time and syncs with Samsung’s S-Health app.

Initial feedback for the Gear Fit has been extremely positive. Early reviewers say that it’s comfortable to wear, it’s really light and the display looks wonderful. Battery life may be a problem for some though, as Samsung is only promising 3-4 days (most bands get 5-7+ days).

If you’re interested, the Gear Fit is slated to land on April 11, but Samsung hasn’t said yet how much it’ll cost. It has said though that the rubber strap is interchangeable and will come in a variety of colors.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s new Gear Fit?