Apple updates its retail store webpage with new iOS 7 design

revamped retail site

Apple posted a quiet update to the Retail Store section of its website last night with a revamped design. The new UI brings the portal more in line with iOS 7, and is just the latest among many design updates the company has made to frequently-visited

Gone are the skeuomorphic graphics, textured backgrounds and borders, which have all been replaced by healthy doses of white space and of course, thinner fonts. There’s also now an edge-to-edge image of the Amsterdam Apple Store on the new landing page…

The redesign, first spotted by ifo Apple Store, affects the main store list and individual store pages. The overall layout, including the location of drop-down menus and navigation buttons remain the same as before, but UI elements have received an iOS 7-makeover.

While updated retail store pages seems like a minor thing, remember that Apple’s website is ranked among the top 50 most-visited sites in the world, so really, any kind of change is worth noting—particularly in a high-traffic section like the Apple Retail Store page.

Since first unveiling its new UI direction of iOS last summer, Apple has slowly updated parts of its website to reflect the new design language including its Support pages, its Apple Care support portal, the Genius Bar reservation page, and various other sections.