BattSaver for iOS 7: manage your iPhone’s radios to increase battery life


BattSaver, a battery saving jailbreak app that we reviewed in-depth a couple of years ago, has been updated for iOS 7 compatibility. It’s basically the same jailbreak release that we reviewed before, except this time around it works for iOS 7 and arm64 devices like the iPhone 5s.

As we explained in our initial review, BattSaver isn’t necessarily performing any magic, it just manages the radios on your device in such a way so that you can save battery life. Many of the same strategies are incorporated in this updated version of BattSaver, including Normal and Aggressive battery saving strategies. Have a look inside for more details.

After installing BattSaver for iOS 7, you’ll find an app icon for the app on your Home screen. The app icon isn’t very attractive—it’s a picture of a bat with a green shield in front of it. I wish that the icon had been updated to better reflect the look and feel of iOS 7, but at the end of the day, it’s just an app icon and has no bearing on the app’s function.

Opening the app reveals a bevy of different sections for you to explore. The main section that you’ll be visiting, at least initially, is the settings section. In the app’s settings, you’ll find many toggles to customize how the app works. There are toggles for switching the radios on lock and unlock, car mode—a mode for turning Bluetooth on while charging—and various others. As you can tell, not only are there pure battery saving strategies, but there are also features like the car mode for added convenience.

BattSaver for iOS 7

The main section that you’ll find in BattSaver’s settings is the strategy section. The strategy section provides you with six different modes for managing battery life. The sections are as follows:

  • None
  • iMessage friendly
  • Normal
  • Aggressive
  • Ultimate
  • Custom

Each strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if you aren’t feeling any of the pre-determined battery saving strategies, you can select the custom strategy to fully customize the app to your liking.

The whole purpose of the tweak is to automatically switch off battery-draining components when they are not in use. In the end, you’ll need to decide how aggressive you want to be with this in order to acquire the best battery life versus convenience balance.

BattSaver info

For someone like me, who is rarely, if ever, concerned about battery life, I have to admit that BattSaver for iOS 7 is quite the compelling package. If I was going to use any so-called battery saving strategy, whether it be an app or a tweak, this would definitely be it. It’s the most robust, most comprehensive and most straightforward package you’ll find. Best of all, it doesn’t claim to do anything by slight of hand. BattSaver for iOS 7 is straightforward and up-front about what it’s doing to your device in order to try to save precious battery life.

BattSaver for iOS 7 costs $3.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What do you think? Share your comments and opinions about BattSaver down in the comments section.