Walmart rollback: 16GB iPad 2 is now $299

Walmart iPad 2 rollback

Walmart’s been frequently offering up various discounts concerning iPad 2 models. For example, its most recent iPad 2 sales promotion shaved $100 off in the form of a $100 electronic gift card.

Starting today, the entry-level Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 model with sixteen gigabytes of storage can be purchased over at the online and retail Walmart stores for as low as $299, a cool $100 saving over its retail price of $399.

The price change is the result of Walmart’s rollback promotion, which occurs when a supplier gives Walmart a discount in the purchase price of a product. A rollback can be also the result of high demand.

This particular discount affects only the entry-level iPad 2 model. The Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad 2 still sells for $479, or $50 less versus Apple’s asking price…

To claim your $299 iPad 2, check out the Walmart webstore.

This is also Walmart’s best-selling iPad 2 model.

There are no strings attached to the $299 iPad 2 price point: you are not required to trade-in your old device and the discount does not come in the form of a gift card.

Given that rollbacks can be as short as a day or last as long as a company wide rollback, consider acting now before the price goes back up.

Those who don’t mind getting a slightly used device can get themselves refurbished Wi-Fi iPad 2 units for $279 at Walmart. Cellular iPad 2 refurbs are going for $399.

These slightly used devices have been factory-refurbished for good-as-new appearance. All refurbished products come with Apple’s standard 1-year warranty.