IconLock7: prevent apps from being moved or deleted in iOS 7


IconLock7 is a free jailbreak tweak recently released on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’s a tweak that allows you to add a password to prevent apps from being moved or deleted without verification.

Unfortunately, IconLock7 has a few design flaws, most notably, the lack of password verification when establishing the initial password. Check inside as we walk through IconLock7’s pluses and minuses in this hands-on video demonstration.

After installing IconLock7, you’ll need to put your device into wiggle mode by tapping and holding on one of the app icons on the Home screen. Once you do, a password box should pop up asking you to insert a password to configure IconLock7. Be careful inserting this password, because as mentioned, the tweak doesn’t verify your password by asking you to enter it again.

Once you password is entered, you will be taken back to the Home screen. Enter wiggle mode again, and you’ll be promoted to enter your password before it will allow you to truly enter wiggle mode, and delete or move apps. If you enter the wrong password, you’ll be told that the password is incorrect and you won’t be allowed to edit your apps.

IconLock7 no

IconLock7 technically works, but it’s extremely bare bones, and features no way to reset a password, or change any settings. There should definitely be a preference panel for this tweak in the stock Settings app, but no such thing exists. For that reason, even though IconLock7 is free of charge, it’s hard for me to recommend.

If you’ve decided to go ahead and try IconLock7, please share your experiences with the tweak down below in our comments section.