Alleged iPhone 6 prototype shown off in new images [update: it’s fake]

iphone 6 proto 3

A batch of new images surfaced online this afternoon, purportedly showing an authentic iPhone 6 prototype. The photos are believed to have originated from China, and they show the front and back of what appears to be a larger handset designed by the Cupertino company.

It’s impossible to know if these are legitimate iPhone 6 parts—one thing that immediately stands out is that the back appears to show FCC markers, somewhat odd for a prototype—but even if the photos are fake, they do give a good idea of what a larger iPhone could look like…

iphone 6 proto

The photos come from an anonymous Twitter user (via MacRumors), and Australian writer Sonny Dickson, who has accurately leaked iPhone parts ahead of release in the past. The device in the photos is 2.6-inches wide, while current 4-inch iPhones have a width of 2.31 inches.

Spec-wise, the handset lines up with previous reporting. Over the past 6 months, we’ve seen countless reports calling for a larger iPhone this year, with many of them noting two distinct sizes: a smaller one measuring roughly 4.7-inches and a second between 5.5 and 5.7 inches.

iphone 6 proto 2

There have also been reports that the iPhone 6 could feature a bezel-free display, and a thinner profile, both of which line up with this device. Other next-gen iPhone rumors include a new Sony FaceTime camera, a sapphire-covered screen and the usual performance improvements.

And now for the anomalies. First there’s the aforementioned FCC markings, which again don’t normally appear on early prototype devices. And as our friends over at point out, there are various other oddities, including a missing cutout around the SIM tray hole.

Prototype-iPhone-6 issue

In the end, you can’t really consider these photos to be much more than concepts of what the next iPhone could look like. But we have to admit, we really like the larger display and the iPad-like rear shell. If these are indeed fake parts, here’s hoping they’re not far from the real thing.

What’s your take on the above photos?

Update: several sites are reporting that the above images are fake renders, based on a concept design by Martin Hajek.