iPad photography is now officially a thing…

Sony SPA-TA1 (on Xperia Tablet Z 001)

You’re already familiar with iPhone photography, aren’t you? And I take it those among you who attend trade shows have by now caught wind of the rise of iPad photography, no? As if using an iPad to snap photos in public wasn’t embarrassing enough, Sony has now produced a dedicated camera attachment aimed at tablet owners which allows its portable QX-10 or QX-100 lens to be snapped on.

The SPA-TA1 attachment is designed for tablets between 85mm and 190mm in width so it’ll work with your iPad Air (169.5mm) just fine. Available in various sizes from April 4 in Japan and coming elsewhere soon after, it’s bound to give iPad photography a whole new meaning, for better or worse…

Sony says (via BGR) that the SPA-TA1 will be available in six arm sizes.

Sony SPA-TA1 (arm sizes)

I’m still unsure how I feel about snapping pictures with my iPad.

There are some very rare circumstances when I would take photographs in public using an iPad (and risk ridicule), like if my iPhone was not at hand.

The only thing topping iPad photography must be the Google Glass photograper.

Google Glass photographer

Oh, wait…

I guess iPad photography is officially a thing now that Apple is no longer shying away from using the iPad as a camera in advertising. Here, a scene from the latest ‘Your Verse Anthem’ ad for the iPad Air.

iPad Air ad (Verse, 005)

As for the SPA-TA1, is this the most awful thing Sony has ever created?

Pictured top of post: the lens attachment on Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z.