CES 2014: introducing Voyce, health and activity tracking collar for dogs

Voyce collar (lifestyle 003)

We’ve seen all sorts of crazy stuff coming out of CES 2014 (the hype machine is strong) and I’m guessing half of the announced, shown off and written about whiz-bang gadgets will get forgotten as soon as the last drunken journalist checks out of an overpriced Las Vegas hotel.

The Voyce isn’t one of such easily forgettable products. If you love dogs and own one, I’m guessing your four-legged pet friend would love to wear this app-enabled collar that can track his activity, measure heart and respiratory rates and record other data pertaining to his wellbeing..

Created by a company called i4C Innovations (established in early 2013) and developed in collaboration with biomedical engineers, dog experts and Cornell University, the smart cellar aims to improve the communication gap between dogs and their owners.

In a nutshell, the Voyce gives dog owners information and tools so they can better understand their dog’s health and wellbeing. Who knows, it may even revolutionize the pet wellness industry!

And this is what it looks like.

Voyce collar (image 001)

The device constantly monitors a dog’s active and resting periods, heart and respiratory rates, activity, rest, calories burned and lots more. There’s a three-axis accelerometer inside, a built-in radio frequency technology, Wi-Fi networking and a battery allowing for up up to one-week runtime between charges.

Here’s a cool video promo.

After the gathered information is transferred to a companion iPhone and iPad app, dog owners can dig deep into the vital signs, analyze trends and get valuable insights into their pet’s overall health, behavior and wellbeing.

For instance, historical data could give you valuable insights into a dog’s behavior, weight, and overall health in search for early signs of common conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, heart/lung problems and anxiety.

Even better, these crucial stats are just a tap away from privately sharing with your dog’s veterinarian (or publicly on social networks, for that matter).

Voyce collar (lifestyle 002)

You’ll also get to see your dog’s rest patterns, take advantage of actionable recommendations, enjoy exclusive content and educate yourself using tools written and produced by dog experts and what not.

And yes, the system is game-fied so there’re plenty of goals to achieve along the way.

The Voyce is coming in the summer, costing about $300.

Or, you could just get yourself a brand new dog for $300!

You can register your interest at the Voyce website.