Apple’s iWatch project reportedly plagued by screen, battery problems


A new report is out this afternoon claiming that Apple is experiencing multiple problems with its long-rumored ‘iWatch’ project. The company is said to be troubled by challenges related to the device’s screen technology, battery life, and manufacturing.

The device, believed to be a smartwatch of sorts, is expected to be Apple’s first big entry into the budding wearables space. It’s said to feature a display of up to 2-inches, and run a version of iOS capable of communicating with both iPhones and iPads…

BusinessInsider passes along details from The Information’s report:

“Here’s what Lessin is hearing:

– Apple has had trouble settling on a screen technology. It’s having battery issues, so it’s considered trying new screen tech. 
– Apple “halted advanced prototyping of some unknown pieces with one manufacturer late last year” but she also notes that Apple shifts manufacturers all the time, so this might not mean anything.
– Bryan James, who was working on the iWatch, has gone to Nest. James worked on iPods, and has a patent for Apple with Nest founder Matt Rogers on a watch-like device. (Rogers used to be at Apple.)

So there’s a few things worth noting here. The first is that this, as with any report on the topic, adds to the stack of evidence that Apple is indeed working on a wearable. And the fact that this comes from former WSJ reporter Jessica Lessin also adds weight.


Second, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Apple is having problems with the project. Earlier this week, a report surfaced claiming it was having finish treatment issues with the iWatch, and last year there were reports of battery life complications.

So far it doesn’t sound like any of this will keep Apple from launching the device later this year—they’re your typical teething problems. Perhaps the only thing worrying in Lessin’s report is that Apple has lost another talented engineer in Bryan James.

Concept images by Federico Ciccarese