Jailbreak developer Elias Limneos teases upcoming Touch ID tweak

Touch ID success

Jailbreak developer Elias Limneos—best known for his work on popular tweaks like SBRotator and CallBar—just answered the question a lot of folks have had on their minds since they found out a jailbreak was out for iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s: will there be Touch ID tweaks?

And the answer is yes. Limneos tweeted out a link to a new YouTube video this morning that teases an upcoming tweak for the iPhone 5s. Not much can be gleaned from the short clip, but it looks like it allows you to protect individual apps with Touch ID authentication…

First things first, here’s the video:


While it [obviously] looks a little rough around the edges, I think the concept behind this is great. Sure there are plenty of password-protecting tweaks already available, but just as Touch ID made securing your phone more convenient, this will do the same for protecting apps.

But to me, the above clip means much more. It means that developers have another new area to innovate in. In the past we’ve had features like Siri and the Notification Center, and now we have Control Center and Touch ID. And I can’t wait to see what devs come up with here.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on what the tweak will cost or when it will be available. But again, I think the fact that it’s coming is a huge win for jailbreakers. Apple introduced Touch ID in the iPhone 5s this fall, and has thus far only scratched the surface of its potential.