Apple says Beyoncé has become the fastest selling album ever on iTunes

Beyonce iTunes

CNBC is reporting on Twitter that Beyoncé’s fifth self-named album, released as an iTunes exclusive three days ago, has become the fastest selling album ever on iTunes. Apple has confirmed the news via a press release this morning, saying Beyoncé has gone down in history as the fastest selling album ever on the iTunes Store worldwide.

The surprise album has racketed up a whopping 828,773 sales in just its first three days exclusive availability on iTunes. It also broke the US first-week album sales record with 617,213 sold and proved to be a global success going to number one in 104 countries…

The album represents Beyoncé’s biggest sales week ever, says Apple.

By comparison, the global pop star’s previous studio album sold about 310,000 copies during its first week. Billboard claimed the album had sold 80,000 copies in just three hours on its first day of iTunes release.

From the press release:

The self-titled, Beyoncé’s, is the fifth solo studio album from Beyoncé, which was made available exclusively worldwide on the iTunes Store on December 13 by Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records. The self-titled set is the artist’s first visual album.

It should be noted that Beyoncé’s album has received an unheard-of promotional push from Apple. For example, the album’s teaser has taken up all of the available slots on the iTunes Music Store’s top rotating carousel, with links to her previous albums.

On the other hand, the album was released out of blue, with literally no pre-release promotion as Beyoncé and Apple experimented with new venues of digital promotion.

Beyoncé is available for $15.99 exclusively from iTunes until December 20, when songs will become available for individual purchase.

The album contains a digital booklet, with each of the fourteen new songs being accompanied by “visually stunning, provocative videos” shot around the world from Houston to New York City to Paris, and Sydney to Rio de Janeiro, all before its release.