iPhone 5s now available within 24 hours from online Apple Store

iPhone 5s first look

Following reports last week indicating that Apple’s iPhone 5s has finally achieved 100 percent availability across Apple’s retail stores in the United States, the online Apple Store on Tuesday has updated its shipping times as well.

Web orders for the device are now shipping in 24 hours, another sign that Apple and its suppliers have fully caught up with demand, which is always good news with the Christmas shopping frenzy upon us.

All iPhone 5s models are now being advertised as available to ship within 24 hours, regardless of capacity, color or carrier…

Previously, the U.S. online Apple Store would quote a delivery estimate of one to three days business days.

The good news is that 24-hour availability is now being advertised on many international online Apple Stores as well. Up until today, these global web stores used to provideĀ delivery estimates of one to three business days.

Note that the 24-hour shipping time is good for subsidized, on-contract devices.

Interestingly enough, if you’re looking to buy a contract-free iPhone 5s with a T-Mobile SIM card, count with shipping times of one to three business days, reports AppleInsider.

Likewise, the online Apple Store at post time cited a wait time of three to five business days for Apple’s SIM-free unlocked iPhone 5s, which arrived in the store in late-November.

iPhone 5s (online Apple Store ship times)

So there you have it.

Now you can buy the iPhone 5s at most U.S. brick-and-mortar Apple Stores or just place your order with the online Apple Store and have the handset delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours.

With both retail and online iPhone 5s availability finally improving, it’s fairly safe to assume that Apple’s suppliers have been able to tackle low yields of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that reportedly hampered handset production levels.

Did you get an iPhone 5s yet?