Wallpapers of the week: sunny clouds and Steve Jobs

We are back again, with another great offering for the Wallpapers of the Week section. There are always great images from which to choose and this week is no exception. Today, I cannot say the options are seasonally specific, but great wallpapers are great wallpapers.

Make sure to keep submitting your wallpapers for consideration as the section is maintained by the readers. The only way for this section to continue running is for readers to keep submitting their works of art. Download the wallpapers inside and find out how to get your images featured on iDownloadBlog…


Today’s featured wallpapers are images by @Frenchitouch. The first image, “Clouds” is a playful, cartoon recreation of a blue sky. The image looks great on all iOS devices and the contrast between the blue and white makes the wallpaper really pop. Secondly, “Steve Words” is an excellent tribute to one of the world’s greats innovators. With the layout, it should make a perfect Lock screen wallpaper.

As many of you expressed, full wallpaper packs are preferred, with all devices offered. These are very difficult to come by, but Frenchitouch blessed us with images for the entire lineup. Make sure to give him a shout on Twitter @Frenchitouch, check out his Deviant Art gallery, give his tumblr page a visit, and visit his website.

Clouds Frenchitouch splash

Clouds: iPhone 4 | iPhone 5 | iPad | Desktop

Steve Words Frenchitouch wallpaper splash

Steve WordsiPhone 4 | iPhone 5 | iPad | Desktop


To download these wallpapers, click the representative link for your device. Once the full resolution image loads, tap and hold, then save to Camera Roll. Access the image from either Settings.app or Photos.app and set as wallpaper. From a desktop computer, right click save the full resolution image to the iTunes sync folder and then set the image similarly.


Wallpapers of the Week is dead without you. We are counting on our readers to spread their good work to us for consideration. Make sure you have two great images that are either your original work, or give credit to the actual artist. The images must be sized specifically for a dedicated iOS device to be considered. Find me on Twitter @jim_gresham or email me the images at jim@idownloadblog.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

What do you guys think about the wallpaper packs this week?