baseCam, another fun realtime photo and video filters app


Filter apps can be found by the truckload in the App Store, and while some of them really stand out for the effects they offer or by their usability, others sometimes go unnoticed. Earlier today, I found out about baseCam, yet another camera app that brings real time video and photo filters to your iPhoneography.

After playing around with it for a few minutes, I have to say that I really enjoy its elegant and simple UI, as well as a few of the live filters it offers. The app description touts 25 unusual filters/effects, and I must say there are a few of them I really like, specifically the Dots, Pixelate, Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue ones…

The app is pretty straightforward. Simply launch it and select the effect you want to apply. Watch the effect being displayed in realtime so you know exactly what your photo is going to look like once you hit the shutter button.

Just like with every other filter app out there, this will not be my go-to app for photo shooting or editing, but it will definitely find its place in my iPhone Photography folder. It’s an app that I will most likely use only for the filters mentioned above.

As a downside, it must be said that I was a bit disappointed to see that three extra filters were available as an individual in-app purchases. While it is fairly consistent with the strategy of many photo apps out there, I can’t help but feel a tad frustrated when I have to pay extra for features when I already paid for the app. To be fair though, this frustration doesn’t really apply here since I was given a promo code for the app, but it’s my general feeling, and I’m sure many people will feel the same.

baseCam is available in the App Store for a limited time for $0.99. After that, the app will be priced at $1.99. If you decide to give it a try, please let me know what you think of it and what your favorite filters are.

Download baseCam in the App Store