In June of this year, Apple introduced a new tool called iAd Workbench that made it easier for developers to create, manage and optimize ad campaigns to promote their apps. They also lowered the spend requirement to $50.

Last night, the company began rolling out the tool to a number of new countries, giving thousands of new developers access to it. It’s now available in¬†the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the¬†UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and more…

Here’s the updated country list on Apple’s website (via 9to5Mac):

  • ¬†United States
  • ¬†Canada
  • ¬†Mexico
  • ¬†United Kingdom
  • ¬†France
  • ¬†Germany
  • ¬†Italy
  • ¬†Spain
  • ¬†Japan
  • ¬†New Zealand
  • ¬†Australia

As aforementioned, mini campaigns start at just $50, meaning even beginner developers can take advantage of the service. iAd Workbench can target iDevice owners based on their age, gender, device model, and favorite apps.

After a rocky start, Apple has really been beefing up its iAd service over the past several months. And the added efforts have helped the company attract a number of high-profile partners, including McDonalds, Nissan and Pepsi.