Apple ‘on hiring binge’ to strengthen iAd team ahead of iRadio Launch

iTunes Radio (three-up, iPhone 5)

Apple is seemingly scrambling to hire a number of key iAd executives in preparation for the launch of its streaming music service iTunes Radio. The Cupertino company is “on a hiring binge,” placing job offers for more than two dozen positions, according to reports Wednesday.

At the head of Apple’s talent search is for a creative design manager who would oversee rich media ads for such brands as McDonald’s, Pepsi and Proctor & Gamble. The iTunes Radio service is expected to be unveiled September 10 alongside iOS 7…

“Apple had posted five iAd-related jobs to its own job board and another 35 to LinkedIn just in the month of August as of Friday,” reports Ad Age.

A key position of iAd Creative Manager was posted August 15 on Apple’s job board, then removed last week without explanation, according to the report.

Although Apple began iAd with the desire to maintain strict control over the ad design and content, the push for workers experienced with managing high-profile brands may reflect the service’s growing revenue and the number of large advertisers signing onto the iTunes Radio service.

Such brands have paid “upwards of $10 million to be exclusive iTunes Radio advertisers within their respective industries through the end of 2013,” according to Ad Age.

The service will have a wider launch at the beginning of 2014.

Apple’s iAd service is expected to earn $213 million this year, growing to $623 million in 2015. Meanwhile iTunes Radio will reportedly deliver an audio ad every fifteen minutes and a video ad once per hour.

You’ll need to sign up for the $25 annual iTunes Match service to avoid the ads.