A quick look at the Moshi dual car charger and premium Lightning cables

Moshi Lightning splash

I assume there was an eyebrow raise at “premium Lightning cables.” Be ensured, the title is not intended to be click bait, rather a description of the actual product. After Apple switched from 30 pin, my arsenal of available cords depleted. Like many of our readers, I amassed a large number of 30 pin cables across the years.

Suddenly, I needed to reinvest in more cables. I grew accustomed to having a cable pretty much anywhere I sat for more than an hour. The folks at Moshi sent me a review unit of their Lightning cable, which is the same price as a standard Apple OEM cable, but offer a lot more in the way of rugged design and classy fixtures…

Flashy cables

Moshi Lightning

The cables are straight forward, they are Lightning cables. However, they are licensed MFi cables, guaranteed to work with Apple products, unlike many other knock offs. Slightly thicker than standard OEM cables, they are more rigid to wear and tear.

Making them stand out the most, is the aluminum casing around both the Lightning and USB tips. The aluminum offers a quality, Apple preferred feeling and also protects against damage. Often, people just toss their cables around and they frequently receive damage. The metal housing will stand up better to the misuse, while looking and feeling much better than standard plastic cables. It is important to note, the metal does add a little bit of extra overall width to the Lightning tip. Consequently, if you are using a form fitted iPhone dock that requires an OEM Apple Lightning cable, these will not be compatible.

A nice velcro tab is also included with the cord to keep things tidy. I have never had a reason to really prefer one cable over the other, but I already argued with my wife about who gets to use these guys, as I was sent both a silver and black version. If you are in the market, you can buy a 1 meter Apple cable for $19.00 or a Moshi MFi aluminum tipped cable for an additional $1. Player’s choice.

Revolt duo charger

Moshi revolt-duo

Just a charger, I know. But, the Moshi Revolt Duo is a dual port high capacity charger with 2.1A or 10W per port. This charges two devices at full speed, simultaneously. Helping protect the device, the unit uses power management circuitry with over-current and over-charge management.

The faceplate, like the cables, shockingly uses an anodized aluminum finish to stylishly hide in even the most luxurious vehicles. The faceplate edge borrows a design from the chamfered edges of the newest iOS devices and goes out of the way to be attractive. A final classy touch is the subtle glow from the USB ports to provide easy access in the dark. The Revolt Duo is available for $25 via the Moshi online store.

I cannot deny the nice aluminum tips and thank the Moshi team for sending these over.

Anyone grabbing some cables?

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