Poll: are you getting an iPad Air?

iPad Air airplane game app

As we count the remaining days – or should I say hours? – until Friday’s iPad Air launch, I reckon those of you who frequent iDB have made up your mind by now. I’m guessing you’ve read everything there’s to know about the tablet, checked out big media reviews and just really thoroughly talked this through with your friends and family members – all in the service of making an informed purchasing decision.

Yes, some iDB team members have also made up their mind. You can imagine we’re absolutely eager to learn about our readership’s position on the iPad Air. From your vantage point, is it a buy or pass? Cast a quick vote right below…

Choose one of the responses now and then meet us in comments to share additional thoughts.

I’m also curious as to whether you’re upgrading to an iPad Air from a previous model (which one?), is this your first iPad buy, would you rather opt for an iPad mini with Retina display and why you might eventually pass on new iPads altogether (i.e. no Touch ID = no buy)?

To me, it’s all about an ecosystem and iPad apps are by far the best bar none.


I’m upgrading from an iPad 3 which really turned into a disaster for me due to the underpowered A5X chip not being able to provide smooth Retina graphics, the overheating and just not so great battery performance.

iPad Air Flat

I previously owned an iPad 2 and felt it was an absolute slam dunk when it came to the marriage of hardware and software. From what I read online, the iPad Air does really feel like a true successor to the iPad 2.