Here’s Jony Ive-designed, aluminum-clad (RED) Desk

RED Desk (Jony Iva and Marc Newson 002)

If I had tens of thousands of dollars to burn on various objects of affection, I’d make a bid for this ultimate work desk, created by Apple’s senior vice president of design Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson. It’s another item among the more than 40 limited-edition objects designed by Ive and Newson and slated to be auctioned off on November 23 on the behalf of Bono’s Product RED initiative, well-regarded for its long-running partnership with Apple…

The signed one-of-a-kind table is of course machined from a solid block of aluminum.

The tabletop features an intricate jigsaw-like cellular surface pattern which was fabricated by aluminum specialists Neal Feay Studio, explains Ted Savage.

Check it out below.

RED Desk (Jony Iva and Marc Newson 001)

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Those sculpted legs remind me of aircraft wings.

RED Desk (Jony Iva and Marc Newson 003)

I want one right now!

The Verge writes the (RED) Desk is not based on previous work so the uniqueness of the one-off object is sure to boost its auction value.

As we reported yesterday, Vanity Fair in its November 2013 issue ran an interesting interview with Ive and Newson detailing the collaboration on designing the unique Leica Rangefinder for Product (RED).

Among the highlights: the two men spent nine months creating the one-off Leica camera, which involved 947 different prototype parts and 561 different models before the final design was completed. About 55 Apple engineers assisted in the process, spending a collective total of 2,149 hours on the project.

Given the value of the time Ive, Newson and Leica’s own engineers put into the project, they expect it to hit well into six figures at Sotheby’s charity auction on November 23. Since 2006, Apple has raised more than $65 million for the charity, which was created to help fight AIDS in Africa.

Ive and Newson also designed a custom Steinberg grand piano and a 2012 Range Rover car for the auction.