New iPhones (again) available with in-store pickup

Apple Store (Personal Pickup, iPhone 5s)

Exactly a week ago, Apple extended its Personal Pickup service to the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, allowing customers to order their handset online for same-day delivery to one of Apple’s retail outlets in the United States. Then the following day it pulled the in-store pickup for both new iPhones without an explanation, with anonymous sources telling one publication the company will reinstate the option today. Sure enough, both new handsets are now available with in-store pickup option…

A quick hop over to the US online Apple Store reveals would-be customers can now add any iPhone 5s or 5c model to the shopping basket and choose to have it delivered to an Apple retail store of their choice, rather than wait for it to be shipped.

If you’re buying your handset online, simply select a model, storage capacity and your preferred finish and wireless carrier and hit the ‘Check availability’ link below the ‘Available for pickup’ section on the righthand navigation menu.

Apple said opening weekend pre-orders for the iPhone 5s/5c hit nine million units.

iPhone 5s in plastic box (Steve Kovach 001)

The flagship iPhone 5s handset continues to be in short supply.

The online Apple Store in the United States continues to cite a vague ‘October’ shipping estimate for new online orders. Moreover, the bulk of Apple’s brick-and-mortar outlets across Europe currently carry only the 16GB Space Grey iPhone 5s.

Apple is though to have intentionally limited launch gold iPhone 5s supply in order to lend the popular colorway an aura of exclusivity and boost demand.

The iPhone 5c orders placed online ship within 24 hours.

Note that retail supply of the colorful handset appears to be depleting rapidly at several major Apple retail stores in Europe I talked to last week.