Leaked vid purports to show iPad 5 Smart Covers

iPad 5 Smart Covers video

It’s been a while since we heard anything newsworthy concerning Apple’s upcoming fifth-generation iPad, apart from a supposed Space Grey backplate from yesterday. YouTube user Unbox Therapy today posted a video which allegedly shows off Smart Covers for the iPad 5 in a bunch of vivid colors.

It looks pretty legit and while I can’t vouch for its veracity, I’ve decided to post it here for the sake of discussion. There are a few noteworthy observations to be gleaned from watching the clip so check it out after the break and meet us in comments…

Here it is.

UPDATE: looks like these things are selling for $5 a piece over at AliBaba.

Proceed with caution, pinches of salt and everything.

Now, a few observations here…

Firstly, Apple could be looking to offer Smart Covers for the iPad 5 in eight distinct colors: red, pink, orange, green, black, white, blue and gray, the latter fitting the leaked Space Gray finish (below) perfectly.

spacegray ipad

Secondly, these covers have three panels instead of four, just like the Smart Cover designed for the iPad mini.

Lastly, the iPad mini’s Smart Cover lacks the metal hinge because the magnets are located inside the cover itself. In this video, the metal hinge is curiously present. This could point to no change in the iPad 5’s Smart Cover design.

If leaked parts are anything to go by, the fifth-generation iPad should be just as thin as the upcoming iPad mini 2. In and of itself, that’d be a huge accomplishment.

How’s that possible, you ask.

For starters, Apple is thought to have shed some fat by using a much thinner display assembly that incorporates a smaller LED backlighting module.

As a result of these engineering changes, the iPad 5’s display should draw considerably less power compared to its predecessor, the iPad 4. Coupled with the skinnier side bezels, power-efficient A7 chip and updated battery technology, the aforementioned advancements should enable Apple engineers to design a thinner yet more powerful device.

We’re expecting refreshed iPads alongside iOS 7.1 to be unveiled next month, with one rumor specifically mentioning the October 15 Apple media event date.