Want: Marshall’s Stanmore wireless speaker

MArshall Stanmore (black)

British music gear company Marshall Amplification needs no introduction: the brand is practically synonymous with pro-grade music amplifiers, speaker cabinets, drums (via their Natal Drums acquisition) and more. Fittingly, Marshall’s personal headphones and earphones arm today launched a new personal wireless speaker.

I immediately fast-tracked it to the top of my shopping list. The stylish Stanmore speaker not only looks business dressed up in Marshall’s trademark design, it comes packed to the gills with useful connection options, including Bluetooth wireless, RCA input and the standard 3.5mm auxiliary input…

And appeasing to home theater buffs, the Stanmore includes a handy optical output.

“The Stanmore is also compatible with devices with optical output, like Apple TV,” the product page reads.

I have a 60-inch Panasonic plasma TV with crappy built-in speakers that have been ticking me off a lot: think low sound quality, subdued dialogue and distorted highs – and these are the least of my gripes.

Marshall writes:

It may be the Hanwell’s younger sibling, but despite its compact size, the Stanmore’s sound is nothing short of large. Delivering clean and precise tones even at high playback levels, the Stanmore is perfect for those smaller spaces you need to fill with big sound.

As you could imagine, I’ve been on the lookout for a decent sound system to hook up to my Apple TV.

MArshall Stanmore (black, above)

I need a powerful speaker that can fill my living room/home office with rich sound and deep bass while also being portable enough to be easily lugged around. With that in mind, I’ll be seriously considering this awesome wireless speaker.

Right now, the Stanmore’s somewhat high price of $400 has me wavering. On the other hand, I tend to believe the asking price is fair given the quality and durability of Marshall’s gear.

MArshall Stanmore (cream)

If you’re eager to take the plunge, head over to the Marshall web store.

The Stanmore is available for pre-order exclusively online, in black and cream, starting today. They are planning to ship it by mid-October.

[via The Loop]