Good deal: name your own price for this Mac software bundle

stack social deal

Now normally, when you see a ‘name your own price’ deal you think: what’s the catch? At least that’s what I think. If I really get to name my own price for something, can I just say $1? That’s not usually the case, but it is with this new Stack Social promo.

The deal site is offering up 3 Mac apps—Airy, My Living Desktop and Compartments—that usually cost a combined $60, for literally whatever you want to pay. The only thing is your offer must be $1 or above, and if it’s $12 or more, you get more apps…

So here’s the breakdown. Stack Social is offering a giant bundle of 10 Mac apps, which we’ll list below. There’s no set price tag for the software, meaning you can really pay whatever you want. But you have to offer above the average (around $11) to get all 10 apps.

And here are the apps:

  • Camtasia 2 – Easily Create Stunning Screen Captures & Video Recordings
  • CrossOver 12.5 – Easily Use Windows Software on Your Mac
  • Lucid – Dream It & Build It With This Imaginative Software
  • iDocument 2 – The Simplest & Smartest Document Management Application For Mac
  • Narrator – a Killer Text-to-Speech Tool for You and Your Mac
  • MacHider – The Cutting Edge Solution to Hiding Your Private Files & Folders On Your Mac
  • RaySupreme – A Revolutionary 3D Modeling and Rendering Application
  • Airy – A YouTube Downloader For Your Mac
  • My Living Desktop – Bring Your Desktop to Life With Beautiful & Moving Environments
  • Compartments For Mac – Protect Your Valuable With This Home Value Inventory Software

Again, if you pay less than the average price, you’ll only receive 3 apps: Airy, My Living Desktop, and Compartments. This, as the site explains, is to help build incentive for users to bid more than just $0.01 each time, helping it maintain a healthy price point.

stack social 2

To be honest, though, the average price right now is $11.70, so all you have to do is offer $12 and all 10 apps—worth over $400—are yours. And even if you really don’t want to spend that much, $1 for the 3 above apps is still a great deal, so win-win.

Actually it’s more like win-win-win, because Stack Social has partnered with 3 charities, which you can choose to give 10% of your offer to. So you get a sweet deal on software, the site sells some bundles, and a charity gets a donation to keep doing cool stuff.

If you’d like to pick up a Mac software bundle, or just want to learn more, click here.