Flurry: moms use iPads, singles use iPhones

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Some interesting research is out, indicating that some iOS users tend toward the iPhone, while others are more likely tapping away at the iPad. While mobile advertising analytics firm Flurry gathered the data to help companies better target their apps and ads, the findings are intriguing for us all.

Of the various ‘personas’ tracked, so-called ‘Value Shoppers’ (those bargain-hunting souls) are most strongly attached to their iPhones, while ‘Pet Owners’ prefer the iPad. Overall, 72 percent of iOS owners tend to use the iPhone most, while the iPad garners 28 percent of the mobile iDevice users…

The most fervent iPhone users are value shoppers, singles and hipsters, according to Flurry. This is mostly common sense, since all three categories are on the move. As well, moms, small business owners and pet owners tend toward more stationary activities suited to the iPad with its larger display.

However, most interesting is watching the transition from iPhone to iPad use among various categories of personas, such as new moms versus moms.

Anyone who has been a parent knows the early days are almost constantly on-the-go. Being able to rock and burp an infant in one hand while skimming your email can only be done with your iPhone.

Over time, though, you want to have books and games for your kids, something well suited to the iPad. This explains why Flurry reports a transition from the iPhone for ‘New Moms’ to the Apple tablet for ‘Moms’.

Below are the heaviest iPhone users, followed by the iPad users:


Another notable transition of iDevices: music. Music lovers tend to pick the iPhone, while concert-goers are evenly split between the smartphone and tablet. In gaming, we also see some differences in usage.

For instance, casual simulation gamers and card game players prefer the iPhone more than hardcore games. Reinforcing the belief many iPad owners watch television while on the tablet, the research finds television fans and social gamers evenly split between the iPhone and iPad.


In terms of time spent in apps, iPad owners spent 42 percent more time in apps than iPhone owners. Other differences: iPhone owners spent more time using navigation, as well as health and fitness apps while iPad owners spent more time with educational, reference and news.


Not surprisingly, the research also revealed iPads are used heaviest at night (between 6pm-11pm) while iPhones are preferred between 2am-4am.

What’s your iOS device usage pattern like and which Flurry group do you belong to?